Just prior to the Holidays, our aged heating and cooling unit failed needing replacement. We needed guidance to select an appropriate highly efficient system - with consideration given to upfront costs and operational costs. I was referred to DH Johnston Services by the contractor who had completed a remodeling in our home.

"Hans", Owner of DH Johnston Services, immediately went to our home to diagnose the problem and options. He provided alternative systems for our consideration, advising us of the pros and cons of each system. Within a couple days we decided upon the system and the work was completed. Hans also worked with us to complete the work with minimal impact to our day-to-day work schedules - a tremendous benefit to us.

We appreciate Hans' responsiveness. It is terrific to work directly with the person who is knowledgeable of the systems and accountable to the work contracted. We selected a Trane XL15i Air Conditioner and 95% Variable Speed Gas Furnace which are providing quiet, reliable service with operational cost savings.

It is a pleasure to work with DH Johnston Services knowing I can rely upon a timely response.

D S Reed

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